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Ollie the Otter Songs Vol 1 by Andy Ford (Digital Download)

Bring back memories of those glorious Holiday memories from the 1980s. Included on this Album are the Otter Club songs from Ladram Bay and Challaborough Bay... get ready to singalong!!

1 Ollie we really love your Rock 'n' Roll 2 The Animal Hoe Down 3 Ollie the Otter our favourite furry friend (Ladram Bay) 4 Fishpaste Sandwiches 5 Otter Sea Shanty 6 We're the boys and girls in Ollie's Gang (Challaborough Bay) 7 Riverbank Boogie 8 Call Lieutenant Ollie 9 Ollie we love you 10 Otter Rap 11 Sing a song for Christmas

Please note upon receipt of payment you will receive an email with your files to download, usually within 48 hours. As this product is a digital download refunds are not available.

Ollie the Otter Songs Vol 1 (Digital Download)

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